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We are a family run business making unique cufflinks and jewellery pieces from vintage watch movements.  We upcycle discarded vintage watches and give these amazing engineered time pieces a new lease of life so that they can be worn and appreciated.  Our business ethos is to upcycle.






Vintage Omega Watch Movement Cufflinks

The watch movements that we use are mostly from the 1920's - 1960's, from the days when these vintage movements were made by hand and quality and precision were all that mattered.

Take a close look at these amazing movements with their ruby jewels.

We search through hundreds, if not thousands, of vintage watch movements to find an exact pair for cufflinks.

Don't miss out on your own piece of history

We also make beautiful pieces of jewellery from old coins, bullets and vintage typewriters.

To see our full range go to our shop.

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